Did you understand the difference between illuminance and bright
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  Whether it is a museum, a restaurant, a hotel, a home, etc., these places are inseparable from the lights. Light can be touched all the time in our daily lives, and when it comes to light, it will definitely talk about illumination and brightness.
  Um... then we might think, isn't this the same reason? of course not! Let's first look at the common lighting scenes below. Which one looks brighter?
  The museum's exhibition map, because the audience's line of sight rarely stays on a certain exhibit for a long time, the crowd is in a flowing state, so instead pay more attention to the local focused light environment. Excessive ambient light will affect the experience of visitors to see the exhibits, and local light will make the exhibits show the best state.
  This is where the brightness of the space needs to be more prominent than the brightness of the light itself.
  All in all, the basic function of the luminaire is not only to illuminate, but also to increase the level of objects and space.
  Ordinary consumers often evaluate the quality of the luminaire by the brightness of the luminaire. It is mistaken that the brighter the surface of the luminaire, the better the lamp. However, when it is actually used, there will be troubles that "the lamps look bright and the space is not bright enough". In other words, brighter products are not necessarily better products.
  Strictly speaking, the spatially dark distribution also includes the luminaire itself as a spatial element.
  The above mentioned a term we usually say but difficult to understand: brightness. But in fact, in the actual design process, we do not only use brightness to measure the brightness of a space, but also need to use illumination.
1. What is the difference between brightness and illuminance?
  First, before understanding the relationship between the two, we need to understand the conceptual difference between "illuminance" and "brightness".
  “Photometricity refers to the illuminance of the light source and the illuminance of the light on the surface of the object and the brightness of the surface of the object. The illuminance and illumination distance of the light source affect the illuminance; the illuminance and the color of the surface of the object affect the brightness.”
  We explain it in a simpler and more intuitive way:
  Illuminance is an objective parameter. We use instruments to detect the amount of light actually arriving on a certain surface.
  Brightness refers to the extent to which the light emitted or reflected by an object is perceived by the human eye.
2. What effect does illuminance and brightness have on our lives?
  Indoor space lighting needs to assess the horizontal illumination of the working surface, but pay attention to the adaptability of illumination and color temperature.
  For example, in our work, it is not enough to change the color of the office, but also pay attention to the illumination.
  Illumination and high color temperature will make people feel very stuffy, while low illumination and high color temperature will cause gloomy and tired feeling, resulting in reduced work efficiency.
A. Indoor environment, dining space
  There must be sufficient light in the indoor environment and on the table top to meet the basic needs of the customer.
B. Reasonable home ❍ lighting layout
  A reasonable home lighting layout can bring about an improvement in the atmosphere and visual experience. Create a warm and intimate atmosphere.
  Appropriate illuminance can make the office environment more efficient, make the goods more valuable, make the food more appetizing, and make the home more warm. It not only can affect the space atmosphere, but also the magic weapon that can bring mood.
  Huilong Lighting's strict illumination inspection and professional light distribution guide will bring you a healthier and more pleasant light environment.
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