For home safety, the lighting of these 3 spaces can not be ignor
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  Home lighting is the eyes and windows of the entire home. In addition to energy efficiency, comfort and durability, home lighting is more important than safety. Today, I want to share with you a few home improvement spaces, all of which have higher requirements for security. Just look at the lighting of your home. Are you right?
1. Entrance point: first impression & security
  An outdoor porch is a place where visitors make a first impression of a family, and lighting needs to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. However, the lighting outside the entrance must also have the anti-theft function. Wall lights are usually installed on either side of the door or on one side of the wall.
  The traditional porch lighting usually only uses a ceiling lamp to illuminate this space, even without any lighting optimization, and does not consider the convenience and safety of use. The human body will block the focus light, and the limited light source will also block the shadow of the console. It is inconvenient to change the shoes, as shown in the following figure:
  Although the market price of people staying at the entrance is not long, a bright light is still very important. Therefore, today's porch lighting design tends to use point-type light sources, with uniform scattered point illumination, the average illumination is recommended to be 250Lx-300Lx. The anti-glare embedded LED downlight can be used in the ceiling of this area, and the light is even and the illumination is sufficient.
  If it is possible to be affected by rain, you must choose a rain-proof, drip-proof appliance. In addition, a downlight is sometimes installed under the eaves, but the light will make the foot insufficiently bright. It is recommended to use it together with the wall lamp.
2. Stair points: safety
  The stairs focus on the safety of walking. Ensure safe illumination of the stairs up and down. In addition, you should also pay attention to whether each step is illuminated and displayed when you step down the stairs. Whether or not the height difference will be dimmed by his own shadow, and there may be an accident of falling down.
  In order to avoid the shadows generated by the height difference, it is recommended to arrange the light source continuously on the wall near the stairs, and the long light can be seen at the end of the corridor.
  (1) Arrange the LED downlights on the corridor according to the separation of the structural beams. The advantage of the light distribution design is that the light is uniform, the illumination level is high, and there is no obvious spot, shadow, etc. under it, and the vision is good. As a common auxiliary lighting fixture, it has a high degree of coordination with the main lights in other areas.
  (2) Linear lights hidden under the stairs
  (3) Install step lights on the side of the stairs
  Embed the LED light strip under the stair treads, see the light and not see the light, it is stylish, simple and safe!
3. Bedroom points: the light should not be installed directly above the bed
  In terms of lamp selection, LED downlights can be used, or a ceiling light can be used as the main light source. There is a safety issue to be aware of here. As shown in the figure below, must the chandelier be installed directly above the bed? But in reality, it is hidden danger!
  It should be specially reminded that the lamp is placed directly above the bed, which is easy to bring people feeling uneasy, especially the chandelier with heavy weight, with complicated structure and crystal ornaments, etc. Security risks.
  Furthermore, installing the luminaire directly above the bed, the glare generated by the luminaire when the light is emitted, and the excessive glare of the glare may also be extremely detrimental to the eyes, so it is recommended to install the bedroom luminaire directly to the area by staggering the line of sight.
  Home security, home lighting, lighting safety precautions, and the lighting of the three spaces of the entrance staircase bedroom can not be ignored! Correct use of regional lighting design is not only conducive to creating a good family atmosphere, but also to protect the personal safety of family members!
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