Do a good job in kitchen lighting design to double happiness!
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  The kitchen is not only a place of firewood, rice, sauce, vinegar, salt, but also an important place for family and friends to meet and connect with each other; it is not only a place to eat, but also an important role in the home office. The lighting of the kitchen will affect people's appetite and mood. The scene presented by the human eye is transmitted through light. Then the effect of the light will directly affect the environment that people perceive. Good lighting can bring clear, smooth and comfortable environment, which not only improves the corresponding work efficiency, but also keeps people happy and enjoys the safety of lighting.
  So, how to design the kitchen lighting to add full happiness?
  In the kitchen, the frequency of electricity is high, and the family who likes “pot” is often open to open fire. Therefore, safety is the first factor in the choice of lamps.
  The kitchen often has water vapor and is easy to get wet. Therefore, when selecting lamps, you should choose a moisture-proof function to avoid the danger of explosion due to entering too much water vapor. In the usual use process, the dry cloth is usually used to wipe the lamp, keep it clean and dry, and prolong the service life of the lamp; the kitchen is a place where the oil smoke gathers, and the fumes generated by cooking for a long time will be contaminated on the lamp, affecting the lighting effect, therefore, the lamp is also Need to have a certain degree of anti-oil, pay attention to the regular cleaning of the lamp to maintain the illumination.
  The switch mode can be selected by hand, touch or induction type, which is convenient to open when the hands are wet or full of oil. At the same time, when installing kitchen lamps, keep them away from the stove as much as possible. Do not let the gas and water vapor directly dye the lamps, and often open the range hood or exhaust fan.
  If the kitchen has only a single main light source, it is easy to create shadows and blind spots during cooking - low-cut vegetables, lockers looking for ingredients, etc. Therefore, a multi-level lighting system is set up to combine different lamps and light sources. Can add a lot of convenience to your food production process.
  Use the high-powered ceiling lamp to ensure the overall brightness, and then select the wall lamp for local lighting according to the layout of the kitchen furniture and the stove, and the chandeliers that can be used to take care of the countertop lighting, so that the working surface involved in the kitchen operation There is enough light in the dining table, washing table, corners, etc.
  The ceiling lamp provides sufficient light for the overall space of the kitchen to ensure safe and effective cooking.
  The light strip can provide continuous, uniform brightness of light, installed under the cabinet or under the partition, not only can play the role of accent lighting, but also bring decorative lighting with a sense of line and space for the kitchen.
  Chandeliers For kitchens with integrated kitchens, the installation of chandeliers above the table can have a multiplier effect. The slender hanging wire has the effect of pulling up the space, the lamp head is facing down to ensure that the light is evenly illuminated on the tabletop, and the color of the dish is tempting, so that the family's dining time becomes more warm.
  The bottom light of the cabinet is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the light is soft. It provides a complementary light source for the countertop and the sink area, and is no longer afraid of the shadow blind zone, making cooking more convenient. Exquisite lighting makes the kitchen more welcoming, and the food made in such an atmosphere will definitely be more delicious~
  Use the kitchen lighting to mobilize your mood, create an atmosphere, and let yourself or your family enjoy more food that is full of happiness, add color to your life, and add extra points to your food!
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