Commercial Lighting | How to use spotlights skillfully?
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  With the advancement of the times, the technical means of modern commercial lighting and the aesthetic concept of lighting are constantly being updated. In commercial lighting, we are accustomed to using regional multi-point light sources, light color space combinations and other means to render a specific demand atmosphere, or reflect specific commercial nature and characteristics.
  Therefore, according to the functional division, commercial lighting is generally divided into three types: scene lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting. Whether it is to meet which function, spotlights are the most commonly used lamps in commercial lighting. Let me briefly introduce the spotlights.
  Basic introduction of spotlights
  Spotlights are typical non-primary lights, modern genre lighting of varying scales, mainly divided into rail spotlights and recessed spotlights. Because the spotlights meet local lighting, they create a unique atmosphere for the space.
  Rail spotlights, as the preferred luminaire for the store's accent lighting, generally meet the horizontal 355 °, vertical 90 ° adjustable transmission direction, flexible transmission angle can increase the texture, color, etc., so it is widely used in shops, restaurants, cars 4S shop.
  Installation method: After installing the guide rail on the ceiling, the lamp body connector can be installed into the guide rail to adjust the illumination. However, it should be noted that the mounting accessories for the rail spotlights include the connector head.
  Embedded spotlights, as the name implies, are mounted on the ceiling according to the size of the face ring of the lamp. The biggest feature is the ability to maintain the overall unity of the environment decoration. The application of embedded spotlights is very common, with emphasis on products or atmosphere.
  Installation method: Since the main body of the embedded spotlight needs to be embedded in the wall to achieve seamless integration, it is necessary to open a suitable hole to prevent damage to the light source body.
  Spotlights purchase tips to buy a suitable spotlight, it is recommended to refer to the following points:
1, confirm the color temperature
  Choose a suitable color temperature to bring out good lighting. At present, the color temperature of lamps on the market is mainly divided into three types: warm light, neutral light, and cool light.
  Warm color light can give people a warm and comfortable feeling, suitable for leisure and relaxation places such as shopping malls and specialty stores;
  Neutral light, soft light, can give people a feeling of pleasure, peace of mind, mainly used in the office;
  Cool color, close to natural light, brings a bright feeling, can make people concentrate, mainly used in fast food restaurants, studios and other places.
2, determine the angle of illumination
  The spotlight angle on the market is basically within 12-60°. If a reflective effect is required, it is recommended to select a large-angle spotlight; if a spotlighting effect is required, a small-angle spotlight is required.
3, to meet the right amount of principles
  In the selection of spotlights, it is necessary to meet the principle of proper quantity, because excessive installation of spotlights will cause light pollution.
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